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A little bit about us...

The Pirate Chicken Ranch (PCR) was founded in 2009 when we settled here in Stafford, Virginia. Daniel was just completing his 27 year military career which had kept us moving from coast to coast. Once he decided to retire, we knew we wanted a little land....and just maybe a couple of chickens. 

We're "project" people, we like having things to do, accomplishing goals and improving our surroundings. Our first "project" was the chicken coop. Let's be clear, it's not a's a chicken mansion. A 15'x30' building complete with electricity, cooling fans, multiple breeding areas, nesting boxes, roosts and of course, cute little shutters. It currently houses our flock of laying hens...all 40 of them. The chickens also enjoy a 15'x 50', fully enclosed (yes, we even buried the wire) outdoor run. In the Fall, they are allowed to completely free range, while supervised. 

The Pirate Chicken Ranch was named because one day, Jennifer, was out visiting with the chickens. Jennifer typically goes out multiple times a day to check on them, top off their water, give treats and socialize. She reached down and picked up one of her favorite hens, Patsy, who promptly squawked and pecked Jennifer directly in the eye. "OUCH!!!" followed by things I shall not repeat here. Patsy was promptly dropped (she's fine) and Jennifer headed to the walk-in clinic for some antibiotic drops and an eye patch (and a good laugh from the nurse). When she returned home, Daniel mocked her "pirate appearance" to which Jennifer replied "BAWK-ARGGGG"....and the Pirate Chicken Ranch was born. 


Daniel Schaeffer

Back Garden 3.jpg

Meet Daniel...

Likes: Planting new and unusual varieties of plants, a good gin cocktail and saving the world, one fish at a time. 

Dislikes: Weeds, boring humans and foofy coffee. 

Jennifer Schaeffer


Meet Jen...

Likes: Planning new gardens, cute garden hats and drinking good bourbon by a fire. 

Dislikes: Horseflies, humidity and holes in her gloves. 

 The kids

The kids.jpg

Meet the kids...

Zach: Eldest, hardworking and living his best life. 

Alex: Middle, technical, and a true animal lover. 

Kenzie: Youngest, caretaker and goat whisperer. 

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