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It's been awhile....

What a year it's been. We have been fortunate....we have gardens, space and have had the ability to be outside as often as we wanted. I know others did not have this luxury. This past year has shown us what is important, what we truly need versus what we want. It has caused us here at the PCR to reflect and focus on what our priorities are.

This past year we have been gardening...a lot! It has been a respite, an escape for us. It has helped us mentally and physically get through 2020. Daniel has been home for over a year, which has never happened before in the course of our 25 year marriage. His trips have been replaced by hours and hours spent in the gardens...redesigning, upgrading, and maintaining. It has been a good change for him, for us. I have found the gardens a place of much needed peace. A place I can go and forget about what is happening outside the perimeter of our gardens. A place I can go and focus on the task at hand, a place to feel safe. It amazes me what our gardens have provided to us this past year. While they were important to us prior to the pandemic, they have become integral to our very existence and well being. They are a part of us in a new and more encompassing way and we are immeasurably grateful.

I have documented our projects and will be posting about them in the upcoming weeks. We hope that you will find inspiration in them and in your own gardens.

"A garden is to believe in tomorrow" - Audrey Hepburn

- The Pirate Chicken

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