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What's new around the ranch...

It's been a while since we've posted any updates. Apologies, life got in the way. So, what's new around here?

We've added nine new beds to our front "Veg" garden. Daniel's been busy putting them in, adding dirt and is now working on the drip irrigation.

We moved the "Hot" garden from the east side of the house to the west to make room for a new swimming pool! This came with an expansion in the size of the firepit, external raised beds and cable wires for living walls.

We had a guest house built on what was the goat pasture and now have the MIL living on the ranch with us! We planted an orchard this winter, with espalier pears, apples and hardy kiwi. We also added two varieties of cherries, six hazelnut trees, five huckleberry bushes and 10 more blueberry bushes.

Last, but certainly not least, we added a small greenhouse, solar power and turkeys to the menagerie.

Be sure to watch for the new farmstand which we hope to have open around June 1, 2024. We plan to sell eggs, veg, herbs, seasonal cut flowers, herbal teas and other farm products.

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